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April 10, 2020

A message from the artist:
"Over the past 7 months, I have been working on my first major release, a 30 minute record that will be known as the In Vivo EP. It includes 8 tracks, with influences ranging from electropop and rock all the way to symphonic. I would say the overall sound is dreamy and introspective, with a lot of reverb.

Making this record has been a huge learning curve. It embodies a huge shift in my songwriting style, from primarily writing bare acoustics to incorporating several, sometimes many layers of instruments. All of the bowed strings are live. All of the guitar and bass guitar was performed live by yours truly. Learning music production and experimenting with songwriting ended up being a simultaneous process as I expanded my sonic horizons. I've enhanced my old school vocal layering style with upgraded production techniques and even some male harmonies. I used synthesizers and drums for the first time along with aforementioned live strings and guitar as well as piano.

This project has required a lot of adaptation and growth. It was my first time filming a music video, first time shooting a cover like this, and editing everything myself in Adobe Creative Suite. First time dealing with a lot of legal and technical stuff. First time learning how to balance an extremely energy intensive creative project with a full-time biology degree program. From staying up late recording backing vocals in my dorm after midterms to uploading my test mixes to Google Drive so I could play them in my car, which was parked half a mile away and had no wifi. Hundreds of attempts come down to 30 minutes and 6 seconds.

I found that the glory is in the process, truly.

I am deeply grateful to everyone who has supported me in this project. Thank you to my family for your assistance and enthusiasm. Thank you to Kaylee Kussman for lending your advice and audio engineering skills. And from the bottom of my heart Kaylee, no one has inspired me in music more than you have. A huge thank you to Aurora Lewis for flying all the way to San Diego from Georgia to film me. Your patience under stress is admirable. Being able to  have fun and work comfortably with my best friends makes all the difference. To my friends Priscilla and Dean, and my brother Jeffrey, I want to thank you for listening to my demos and giving me feedback. Priscilla you enthusiastically listened to 10 versions of each song and have hyped me up more than anyone. To everyone who has messaged me with words of love and encouragement, your thoughtfulness is always appreciated and means the world to me.

I hope you all enjoy In Vivo as much as I loved making it."

"Sage Avalon takes inspiration from 90's alternative rock, grunge, and cinematic music, and weaves simple yet haunting melodies with a few instruments and her versatile alto voice. 

While she takes inspiration from many different genres from many different decades, lyrically, she continually explores one specific time period some of us are familiar with: recovery from our demons, both internal and external, during adolescence."

- Priscilla Hardianto


March 20, 2020

A message from the artist:
This soft rock track is a love song to life and recovery. I've never really been inclined to finish a love song about romantic relationships...this love lacks the naivete I would normally experience with other things.

Pure December was one of the first songs written on In Vivo. It was also my first time playing 5-string bass and I bought it just for this song. It will be my debut single. Enjoy!